Christmas Party Season

3rd December 2021
Christmas Party Season

The holiday season is here and the Christmas Party is back for 2021

From smaller, more intimate get-togethers through to the traditional office Christmas party, we have it covered and there is still time to book your event! (But do give us 7 days notice before you rock up in your partywear!)

Come and celebrate Christmas with us here at the Caroline Chisholm School (part of the Wooldale Centre for Learning).

We have various facilities available no matter the size of your party, plus we have plenty of parking on site which is perfect for those who need to be dropped off and picked up safely - and the wonderful designated drivers. (Which means no freezing cold taxi queue to contend with at the end of the night too! hurrah.)

By holding your party with us, you don’t have to contend with the busy pubs, queues for the loos or random strangers trying to get free drink at the bar (there’s always one!)

We have come a long way from the stale finger food by the photocopier, the online Zoom quizzes and the fixed menu pub grub, so let’s showcase your event in style with plenty of room for a boogie at the end of the night. Theres even a stage if you wanted to recreate *that* dirty dancing move! (Hint – Tiktok is where its at now, sorry guys!)

The countdown to Christmas is on! What are you waiting for, get in touch today to grab the last few remaining dates before it’s too late to avoid the usual boring party plans…

Call our team on 0330 110476

Website -

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Krav Maga at Caroline Chisholm School

23rd November 2021
Krav Maga at Caroline Chisholm School

The rise of Krav Maga influences in Hollywood and big movies such as 'Skyfall' have also helped to fuel the desire to learn more about this practice.

With more of us online, sharing video content (Hello Tiktok) there is also the danger of misinformation about self defence and martial arts in general.

There is no substitute for learning Krav Maga with a qualified instructor – especially one with real world experience, like KMDA.

Its something the guys and girls at KMDA are really proud of. They test and re-test their techniques rather than just theory based learning, something that they are deeply passionate about.

Krav Maga teaches you how to avoid, prevent, deter, or deal with all types of violent confrontations.

But don’t let the thought of violence put you off – these guys are really friendly, supportive and only happy to help you navigate the importance learning self-defence using bodyweight, strikes and grappling.

There are some great videos for their classes on the Facebook page if you wanted to have a peep at a session.

Testimonials on their website speak for themselves – with feedback such as …

"James is a fantastic Instructor, very patient, and allows students to progress at our own pace. I would recommend James’ Krav Maga classes to everyone, of all ages. if you want to learn effective self-defence techniques and keep fit, this is the way to do it."


2022 and Beyond

KDMA are so good at what they do that the demand for their demand for “Fight Camp” experiences are through the roof.

With such a strong following, commitment and friendly group the Summer Fight Camp for 2022 is set to be a unique chance to absorb all of the training, experience and knowledge from the instructors (and each other).

Set in the beautiful Lake District, it’s the perfect break from life distractions (especially as we are all spending more time online post pandemic).

Watch the trailer and find out more

To find out more, see what it’s all about or chat to one of the team, get in touch via

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Come and Rock Out With Other Guitar Ninjas!

7th October 2021
Come and Rock Out With Other Guitar Ninjas!

During lock-down many of us jumped online with screen time increasing as we sought distraction from the real world – none more so than young people. (The struggle to reduce their screen time is real)

With social media, TV Talent shows and YouTube influencing the next generation of musicians, it’s no wonder that the pull of being the next viral sensation has helped to increase the popularity of wanting to become famous.

Even more so when viral sensations include the likes of 10 year old student Colier Rule who got to play on stage with Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl giving him one of his guitars!

Whilst we can’t promise that they’ll be the next viral hit online, we can however champion the power of learning a musical instrument – especially something as universal as the guitar.

Guitar Ninja founder Rory has toured in rock bands around the UK and has a huge passion for playing music, writing and improvising.

One of the unique things about The Guitar Ninja is how Rory has implemented a unique colour based grading system using guitar straps.

Based on the Japanese grading systems of coloured belts, students can work towards graded colour guitar straps – from grey (no previous experience) up to the Black strap. It’s a perfect way to see progress, helping students to develop their confidence as they progress through the straps.

Students also work towards stage performances – something that ALL students take part in (even if they are beginners) as part of their group.

The stage performance is the perfect chance for your Guitar Ninja to step up and perform in front of a real life audience, experiencing the buzz from performing live and being part of a band.

Rory teaches young people from ages 8 – 13 years old at a new Guitar Club at The Caroline Chisholm School (part of The Wooldale Centre For Learning) every Wednesday.

It’s the perfect place to learn, share, jam and rock out as part of a small group.

All you need is a guitar and a plectrum to get started! Lets go!

Book a session or find out more via or email

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Moving Forward for 2021/22!

25th August 2021

Hello all, and welcome back!

With the new academic year just weeks away, and life looking more normal by the day, we wanted to take this opportunity to look ahead to some our returning hirers and talk about the return of private functions at the school.


Over the past few months we've managed to bring back a number of our long time hirers, who have been fantastic at adapting their sessions to the changing Covid restrictions we've faced this year.

Now that restrictions are lifted, it's been great to see classes getting closer to their usual capacity, as the local community has returned to the various sessions on site.


Northampton School of Rhythmic Gymnastics have been steadily building their classes with us, with them now running sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at Caroline Chisholm School.

Catering for girls ages 4 and up, you can enrol your child now regardless of their ability! Find out more here; Facebook - Northampton School of Rhythmic Gymnastics


With a number of our Supplementary Schools moving to online learning whilst restrictions were in place, we are delighted to have them finally be able to return to face-to-face learning. We're expecting our Polish, Russian, Greek, Tamil AND Chinese Schools to return for 2021/22, making use of our various Classroom spaces throughout the weekends.

You can discover more about their curriculum and class times on their website here; Association of Northamptonshire Supplementary Schools


Already this Summer we've been host to a number of Private Functions at our venue, accommodating Wedding and Engagement Parties for families from the community.

Recently we have introduced Day Rates to maximise access to the Halls, giving decorators plenty of time in the morning to get set-up, and evening hours for family and friends to celebrate the occasion!

Get in touch with a member of the team to find out more about our Day Rate offers; Contact Us!


We have a whole host of rooms to offer for a wide range of activities, and we can't wait to hear from you!

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Living Life in Lockdown

1st October 2020
Living Life in Lockdown

Welcome to another CCS Blog entry - 2020 went off to a good start for the community, but we're definitely not alone in experiencing a tumultuous past few weeks and we empathise with everybody who has been facing a tough time recently. Schools in the UK have closed and with that means that our hirers amongst others across the country have had to quickly adjust with short notice. Rest assured, we at the team are keeping safe, actively working from home and taking all the precautions we can to look after ourselves but also ensure safety for the schools and hirers. We fully plan on resuming lettings at a future date and we intend to hit the ground running, back and better than before.

As expected, we've received private messages and comments from some concerned hirers. Unfortunately, the recent events will have damaging effects on businesses, but we feel this is a good opportunity for us to provide some advice and tips on how to best mitigate these effects and how to produce meaningful online content for your clients.

One method has worked particularly well with one of our hirers, this in fact gives us a good chance to tie this into a nice success story. As some may know, Marie Tur is one of our hirers at Caroline Chisholm School, one of her classes were held weekly on Thursdays before we received word that lettings must be canceled. Marie has therefore moved her classes to an online model, where attendees can watch and workout in the comfort of their homes. We think this is absolutely brilliant and we highly recommend any other hirers to do so too if possible. This is a great way of keeping up both business and a strong relation with your clients!

We'd also like to highlight some more hirers too. Rory at Guitar Ninja has been posting videos, mini-lessons and cool guitar tricks for the past few months even before the lettings closures! This is an excellent way to keep in contact with clients and in Rory's case, to help his students retain information and learn new skills in the downtime between classes. Consistent content like this greatly eases the disruption caused and is a great idea for all manners of class-based bookings and activities. In a similar vein, we greatly enjoy the content MK Springers has been pushing out. MK Springers have been posting daily fitness challenges and encouraging viewers to join in and post their attempts. Nothing short of perfect for user engagement and regardless of the current circumstances this is a fantastic way to boost your online presence and promote engagement with your followers.

We have some of these tips and success stories help you in some way. We understand not every solution is applicable to every individual, but we hope the key takeaways of emphasising online interactivity and engagement help you ease the transition in these chaotic times. And if nothing else - this presents a great to make use of the extra free time. There's never been a better time to work on the aesthetics of your home, build on your own individual exercise plan, or learn and perfect an entirely new skill. This can even be tied into your online content, people love to see how others are dealing with situations such as these and who knows - you may even inspire somebody else! Either way, we greatly recommend you to take advantage of this period to not only catch some rest but to also focus on self-improvement and introspection.

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Work off those Mince Pies in Wootton

9th January 2020
Work off those Mince Pies in Wootton

Well, let’s be honest. It’s that time of year when we sit back and reflect on the magical time spent with family and friends over the Christmas break but with an empty bank balance and extra pounds around the waist. If only it was the other way round! This blog is going to be focused on what you can do to shift those extra pounds by moving more and eating less.

Let’s start with Slimming World which takes place on Thursday evenings at 5:30pm AND 7:30pm in our Primary School Hall. As there are two sessions running, you literally have no excuses not to pop down and find out what it’s all about. The lovely Stacey and the other members of the group will be there to support you through your weight loss journey. You can contact Stacey on 07860 771241 but first you might like to visit her page at and read about some of the incredible weight loss stories on her website.

Next let’s talk about Dads v Dads Football that is on every Friday evening. This will surely keep you out of the pub and on the pitch which both your bank balance and your waistline will be very happy about. It’s only £6 per session and you can book online at It’s a friendly group of gents who want to stay fit and have fun. We highly recommended it.

So now something for the ladies (although gents are also welcome!). Bhangra Blaze is an alternative exercise class for those who are looking to improve their fitness levels through dance whilst getting a full on cultural experience. You will be in the hands of (the frankly beautiful) Deena who will guide you through the steps and ensure that you are having so much fun that you don’t even realise you are exercising. Now how cool is that? You can contact Deena and see some examples of her class on her Facebook page with this link -

Finally, we are particularly excited about a new Badminton offer that we have running at the moment. We have dubbed it ‘No Strings Attached’. We are offering an hours play of Badminton for only £7.50 per court…if you book on the day and call us by 5pm on 03330 11 04 76 to book. That’s a whopping 25% discount as the regular price is £10 per hour. Badminton is a lovely sport that requires minimal equipment and keeps you agile.

We have LOADS more activities taking place every weekday evening and throughout the weekend. We urge you to take a look and bookmark our ‘Whats On’ page to find out what you can do on the nights that suit you! Just click the link below.

We wish you the best of luck with your 2020 weight and fitness goals and look forward to seeing you again soon!

The BookingsGuru Team @ Kajima Northampton

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A New School Year!

3rd September 2019
A New School Year!

Another school year has begun – this year sure is going by fast! We hope all is well for you so far, and we hope you find something special for you in our new and improved weekly timetable.

This school academic year we have revamped our What’s On timetable with new activities and returning activities. Some of the details may have changed, if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Below we’ll talk a bit about what we have going on each day – not every single booking is covered below so please check the What’s On page for full details.

On Monday’s we welcome back Helen O’Grady’s Drama Academy – this is an excellent place for kids to grow and mature, gaining self-esteem and communication skills in an activity they can really bond over! Many of our other activities are returning, including Yoga with Sam for when you need a spiritual pick-me-up. Just a quick reminder too that Sam is here on both Mondays and Thursdays, so you can keep up the routine all week!

Tuesday is like a special Badminton day at Caroline Chisholm School! It’s a truly wonderful sport to play at our school but of course, our facilities are also ideal for even more types of indoor sports and activities at your request. We also now have Kam’s Tae Kwon-Do kids classes. Great for both fitness and confidence for your young ones!

Wednesdays have several fitness-orientated activities running; these include MK Springers kids gymnastics classes, the Circus School’s Wednesday sessions, as well as Mindful Pilates classes. There’s something here for all skill levels and ages – use the contact details on their individual pages if you’re interested. Similarly to Kam’s kids Tae Kwon-Do classes, we also have Krav Maga Defence classes for adults with James. Some very valuable life skills to be gained from his sessions that could both protect you and your loved ones!

Thursdays are an exciting time to be at Caroline Chisholm School. Clubbercise with Marie will make a party out of your workout, and give you a night to remember for sure! Similar to this, we also have BhangraBlaze exercise classes, the perfect blend of dancing and fitness routines. Sam is of course back again on Thursdays with Yoga, but we also have Ann Howgego’s Pilates Northampton classes too. Full details are available on her website, which we provide a link to on the What’s On page. The MFA Dragons youth football club is also here to train 5-12 year olds in football and bring out their potential!

On Friday we have both adults karate classes and junior karate classes with Tiska Karate! Learn self-discipline, awareness, and confidence, all while keeping healthy and fit. To cap off Friday we also have Mereway Badminton Club for adults – a fantastic community to be a part of!

Finally we get to the weekend with Saturday and Sunday. On Saturdays we have Tiska Karate adult sessions as well as MFA Dragons. In addition to this, we have the Guitar Ninja delivering exciting guitar lessons for kids – rock on!

We’re very excited to start this school year and we hope you enjoy it with us!

Best Regards,

The BookingsGuru Team

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Christmas 2018 at Wooldale Centre for Learning

7th December 2018
Christmas 2018 at Wooldale Centre for Learning

Season’s greetings everyone!
We hope you’re warming up to the holiday season and looking forward to Christmas. As for us, we have a lot of big plans for the coming weeks.

The school will be closing from Wednesday 19th December until Monday 7th January in 2019. Many sessions will be winding down for their Christmas breaks, so be sure to get in touch to find out their plans for the Christmas period and when they return in 2019!

Mark Slater’s B2B Boot Camp sessions will be continuing on through December, with the exception of the Tuesday 25th for Christmas! It’s 5 per session, or alternatively 30 for the whole month.

Emma’s Aim will be running a special charity event on the 9th of December, with four one hour sessions running through the afternoon at 12:30pm, 1:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm. This is 10 per child and involves many festive activities such as gingerbread men decorating, crafting in Santa’s Workshop and meeting Santa’s reindeer! This is for a wonderful charity dedicated to supporting children and young adults dealing with cancer. Email for a booking!

Following the Christmas period, we have a charity Zumba event with Dave Hands on 8th of January, 7:30pm. It's 10 per person and all funds with be going to The Ups of Downs - a charity intent on helping people with Downs syndrome live life to the max! Just turn up on the night and for extra information, call Dave on 07515 879824. If you're unable to make it but still want to support the cause, donate at

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year!

The BookingsGuru Team

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