No Excuses November

10th November 2022
No Excuses November

It’s No Excuses November!

“No excuses November” can be applied any aspect of your life from finally organising your to do list, making time for a hobby through to screen free Sundays.

As we head for the season of overindulgence, we often find ourselves slowing down when it comes to keeping active. We are all guilty of finding a way to worm out exercise when the darker evenings drawn in (after all, its perfectly natural to want to hibernate!).

Whilst we are not * quite * at the “New Year New You” social media posts, the pressure to get fit for 2023 is already here along with putting things off until the 2023 (it will soon be here).
So how do you keep active when all you want to do is sleep, eat, Netflix repeat?

We have some handy tips to help you break the excuses habit.

It’s better with friends!

Having a friend, coworker, or family member accompany you on your daily dog walk, yoga class, or workout is one of the best ways to stay accountable. Your likelihood of sticking to the plan increases when you exercise with a partner. By carpooling or paying for classes in the long run, you can save money (often there can be offers of free taster sessions or plus ones for free to help encourage new people to join).

Exercising alone in your living room with your cat, dog, or pet parrot under your feet is much less motivating than taking classes with a friend in person! It always seems like a weak excuse to dishearten someone because you just can't be bothered too – so you’re more likely to keep going.

Time Management

Break your sessions up into smaller chunks – can you fit in a lunchtime walk with someone? Or after work? The dog will love you for the extra time outdoors too. Ditch the hours of slogging hard and overdoing it. There are lots of classes that hold shorter sessions at our venues, not all of them are the same.

Often there are multiple venues, times, and sessions to choose from with warm ups, cool downs and breaks accommodated for.


Leave behind the idea that you must start out flawless. Okay, so perhaps you are unfamiliar with all of the club fitness, yoga, or dancing routines, but the instructors will guide you! Everyone must start somewhere, and people frequently take time off due to illness or injury. Take comfort in the fact that everyone in the class has just started out. Sooner or later, someone who arrives more recently than you will likely be worrying about the same thing. Start small; sometimes the hardest part is simply showing up and getting through the door.

Boost your mood with music

Listening to music or podcasts is a great way to stop counting down the minutes, and thanks to music streaming services, a playlist has already been made that will fit your mood or level of energy (along with playlists like "songs with weird names" and "Make your bed!").

We have a class that will work for you no matter what you think might help you stop making excuses. Find a location close by to avoid the long drive past the drive through on the way!
Set that weekly reminder on your phone/laptop/alexa

We can easily find time to catch up with friends over the weekend when we can, binge-watch the most recent episode of our favourite TV show (hello, Netflix mindless snacking), or both. You just frequently choose not to even though you have the time. Even though we'd much rather spend our time doing something else—even if it's doom scrolling through social media —there are other ways to trick your brain into scheduling time for exercise.

Our phones, which are dopamine machines, frequently shorten our attention spans and eat up any free time we *actually* do have.

With all that in mind, if nothing else maybe we can convince you to browse our list of venues around the UK to tempt you in… it’s a start right?!

See our venues via browse the timetable of classes via the Whats on pages and get in touch with the instructors now before you find the snack cupboard!

Call us on 03330 110476 Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm at BookingsGuru to hire the space for yourself

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Keeping motivated this autumn / winter

20th September 2022
Keeping motivated this autumn / winter

Although this summer break was some of the best weather in the UK than most, it appears that long-term activity levels and motivation to get back into sport + fitness has stalled for some.

How many of us have been successful in getting in at least 60 minutes of exercise each day? The Chief Medical Officer of England, NHS, has advised it, and we've all heard of the 10,000-step guideline… but reaching it consistently? It can be really tricky!

These days young people are seduced by gaming, group chats and social media with 24/7 access right t their fingertips.

Don't lose hope; we can help you in discovering something to tempt them (and you) to come back to sports, fitness classes and learning with our autumn/winter timetable. The best part is that you can drop into courses as with most teachers they are PAYG all without needing a costly gym membership.

With our facilities, we have a large number of schools, community centres, and locations that host after-school sports clubs for activities such as football, hockey, archery, basketball, martial arts, Pilates, and yoga. (some even have rollerskating lessons).

The Wooldale Centre for Learning offers a variety of options, including self-defense Krav Maga classes (both children's and adult sessions are offered), which are suited for families and held in the evenings.

Families can learn circus skills! The Circus School offers classes in trapeze, silks, aerial hooping, and general circus skills to students of all ages. There are also numerous martial arts clubs to get involved in, like Tae Kwan-do and karate, give instruction to students of all ages and skill levels.

Additionally, you could come along for a kick about on the Astro pitch or shoot hoops in the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

Whatever you fancy doing to keep warm and well this winter, we have something for everyone.

Find something to try via the online timetable -

It’s updated on a daily basis, so bookmark it and check back if you have a busy week ahead. We are always here to help!

Email us on or call 03330 119476 and give us a follow on Facebook/Instagram or twitter for behind the scenes, events and content from our super talented bunch of hirers.

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Summer Camps 2022

21st July 2022
Summer Camps 2022

Keep your kids busy this summer with a choice of Summer Camps at The Wooldale Centre for Learning

📍 SUMMER CAMPS with Freestyle Soccer Ltd are back!

Keeping children active this Summer with a choice of 3 camps


Our camps are for children of mixed skill sets and experience between the ages of 5-12 years old.

Freestyle have been providing parents with safe and reliable childcare for the past 17 years.

Camps are delivered by Freestyle Holiday Camps Ltd.


From July 25th onwards throughout August 2022 – see website for specific camps.

Three Camps to choose from -

* Dance

* Football

* Gymnastics

📍Summer Camp Sessions with The Circus School

The Circus School

August 8th 2022 and August 30th 2022

Based at The Wooldale Centre of Learning in Northampton, The Circus School is a training facility where you gain the extra skills required to break into the entertainment industry. We provide professional training taught by aerialists, acrobats and performers most of which are still working in the industry today.

At The Circus School you can train in Aerial skills such as Trapeze, Silks, and Aerial Ring, to other useful skills such as Stilt Walking, Juggling, Tight Wire and everything in between at a fraction of the price of a London based circus school, without compromising the professionalism of the training.

Monday 8th August


5-13 years

Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Walking Globe, Silks, Tightwire, Juggling, Poi and even more.

If you would like to book your child onto this fantastic workshop then just send us a message or email us at for a booking form online

Find more via the website

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Things To Consider When Booking A Venue

1st June 2022
Things To Consider When Booking A Venue

You've chosen the date, thought about the theme and started the invite list — but where should your next event be held?

Searching for a venue shouldn’t be stressful, we can help!

We have put together a handy list of things you should consider when it comes to finding a suitable venue for your next event.


Can the venue accommodate the amount of people expected, as well as provide space for entertainment? Is there a minimum capacity limit?

Seating Arrangements

Are there enough tables and chairs? Are there any pre-determined seating plans available to help you decide the layout?

Audio Visual Equipment

Is there any equipment provided as standard? Consider if you need a projector, lighting and audio system.

Is there Wi-Fi available? If so, are you allowed guests access to it?

Décor or decorating the room(s)

Are you allowed to decorate the space? Check to see if there any restrictions on what can be displayed, such as using helium balloons or sticking things to walls?

Setting up and breaking down

Have you factored in the setup and teardown included in the booking? Never assume, always check! You can be charged for extra time on site outside of your booking slot.

Catering / Food

Do you have catering arrangements? Will you have access to a kitchenette or prep space to use?

If you are planning on allowing alcohol at your event please check that alcohol permitted. Licenses and permissions, such as TENS, are required for public events.

Payments / Invoices

What are the terms and conditions for payment – do you have to pay upfront or retrospectively? Is there a cancellation policy? Some venues need 7 days’ notice for cancellation.

Site Staff

Will there be staff on hand to help guide guests on the night?

Site staff will often anticipate your needs without having to ask because of their level of experience, which will come handy on entry and exit of the venue.

Get In Touch!

You can submit with us and our BookingsGuru’s will send a response within 24 hours. (Monday to Friday) You are welcome at most venues to schedule a site visit ahead of your event to make sure it meets all of your needs. We have photos of each space on our website too.

Find a venue via our website

Prefer to speak to a human? Give us a call on 03330 110476 or search for a venue in your area via our website.

We have over 50 venues to choose from Yorkshire all the way down to Essex! (and everything in between)

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Interview with Clubbercise Instructor Marie

6th May 2022
Interview with Clubbercise Instructor Marie

Marie Tur has taken Northampton by storm with her popular Clubbercise classes at The Wooldale Centre for Learning.

Clubbercise® is a " full body workout with a banging soundtrack that gets great results."

A variety of fitness levels can be accommodated by the routines, which combine dance, toning, and combat moves. The classes are held in a darkened room with disco lights and the signature LED glow sticks - the soundtracks are more like your clubbing days but without the hangover or need to wear heels. Win win!

We caught up with Marie for a quick Q&A to find out more.

Why did you become a Clubbercise instructor?

My friend presented this class at a fitness weekend I was at back in November 2015 and I loved it, I thought such a fun class that everyone could do and would be great fun to teach….

Tell me more about you classes… what can potential clubbers expect?

Clubbercise is great fun, easy to follow dance fitness class suitable for all levels. It’s taught in a darkened room with disco lights and glow sticks making it feel like a night out not work out!

Why should people choose Clubbercise?

The Classes are taught in a darkened room so people don't have to feel self-conscious. It's super fun and will have you leaving with a smile on your face.

It’s amazing for both your mental health and physical health too. It’s actually exercise in disguise!

What are your goals and what keeps you motivated?

To get more people moving and enjoying exercise and to help people feel better in themselves so they can lead a happier life. I love to help people lead a more active life, it’s so important.

…and Just for fun...Whats your most used emoji?


Bring your glow sticks and join Marie every Thursday for fun, fitness, and new friends


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May Half Term Camps 2022

27th April 2022
May Half Term Camps 2022

Keeping the kids busy at Half Term is always a challenge - especially when it is the shorter ones like this May break!

With Easter already behind us, but not into the summer term just yet, we often forget that there is a week off in May (and this years Bank Holiday dates changing doesn't help!).

Keep the kids busy and make sure you have the working week covered with Freestyle's Football Camp or Gymnastics Camp - there are two to choose from again this school holiday.

Freestyle camps have a great reputation for their exciting sessions, keeping young people busy, engaged and active! (and most of all wearing them out for us!)

Book a slot before they all go via

or call BookingsGuru on 03330 110476 anytime Monday to Friday 9am until 5.30pm or drop us an email on and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Cobblers Brick Show 2022

28th March 2022
Cobblers Brick Show 2022

The Wooldale Centre for Learning (part of Caroline Chisholm School) was host to the annual Cobblers Brick Show event at the weekend (26th March) after being postponed due to the covid 19 pandemic.

@cobblersbrickshow returned for their third year, collaborating with amateur builders and traders to spark imagination and inspire others. 💫 Hundreds of fans traveled from all over to see two halls of set builds, trade tables and more.

Master builders spent many hours (and miles traveled) constructing their sets, some late into the night ahead of the doors opening.

Impressive architecture included amusement parks, train sets and micro-city builds complete with a castle! 🏰 The annual event has become a date not to be missed in any brick fanatics diary.

See more photos, videos and behind the scenes on our social media

Host your next event with us by calling 03330 110476 or email one of the team on

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Easter Holiday Camps 2022

24th March 2022
Easter Holiday Camps 2022

Easter Holiday Camps have been confirmed here at The Wooldale Centre for Learning!

Choose from -

Northampton Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics is an incredible sport that encompasses beauty, elegance and grace, as well as strength, control and apparatus handling.

From a young age gymnasts will be able to improve their flexibility whilst learning to control their bodies and master handling all 5 apparatus:

ball and rope.

Monday 4th April 16:30 - 19:00
Wednesday 6th April 16:30 - 19:00
Thursday 7th April 16:30 - 19:00
Friday 8th April 16:30 - 19:00
Monday 11th April 16:30 - 19:00
Wednesday 13th April 16:30 - 19:00
Thursday 14th April 16:30 - 19:00

The Circus School, The Caroline Chisholm School

11th April From 10am – 3pm

Based at The Wooldale Centre of Learning in Northampton, The Circus School is a training facility where you gain the extra skills required to break into the entertainment industry.

At The Circus School you can train in Aerial skills such as Trapeze, Silks, and Aerial Ring, to other useful skills such as Stilt Walking, Juggling, Tight Wire and more

Football / Gymnastics Camps with Freestyle

9.00am-4.00pm Monday - Friday

Soccer Academy, The Caroline Chisholm School (Part of The Wooldale Centre for Learning)

Book via

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World Book Day 2022

1st March 2022
World Book Day 2022

World book day 2022 is celebrating 25 years this year. With live events, partnerships and of course their fabulous book tokens, children and young people all around the country can join in.

There are competitions to take part in, including fantastic prizes including the chance to win a Harry Potter trip. You can download their packs from the website to take part and don’t forget that schools often hold mufti days with children dressing up as their favorite characters from their books too.

We all know the benefits of reading as adults, the escapism and how is transports you to another world. But encouraging younger audiences sometimes takes a little more magic these days ~ especially with lots of screens around! Even as adults we can find ourselves getting too busy to read.

Where was the last time you visited a library? Bought a book? Escaped with a good read? Its a great way to really switch off.

We asked our team what their favorite book is as an adult or child and have a few suggestions on what to read as adults and children!

Memoirs of a Geisha is a historical fiction novel by American author Arthur Golden.

Memoirs of a Geisha is a classic read - with the movie adaption on screens over a decade ago. The novel is told in first person perspective and tells the story of a fictional geisha working in Kyoto, Japan, before, during and after World War II, and ends with her being relocated to New York City.

Another favorite of the team is Journey To The River Sea by Joan Ibbotson

Set in Brazil, it’s an adventure of discovery and intrigue. It’s won awards in the children’s book categories and recently had a special 20th anniversary edition published.

How to Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie

Journalist and British Vogue columnist Bella Mackie is a recent read from one of the team….

Described as a wickedly dark romp about class love family … and murder! How to Kill Your Family is a Sunday Times Best Seller. Bella is married to Radio one DJ Greg James who, himself is a successful children’s book author alongside co-author Chris Smith.

Kid Normal (series) by Greg James + Chris Smith

Greg and Chris are currently on their book tour with “Kid Normal” book series and are taking part in the live events with World Book Day.

Ballet Shoes (A puffin book) by Noel Streathfield is another childhood favorite for a team member (as a child)

Published in 1936, it’s become a much loved classic. A sorry about three sisters as they grow up, adopted as babies to a rich explorer who disappears…. Noel Streatfeild once said that Ballet Shoes was 'really a fairy story with its feet half-way on the ground'

What a wonderful quote.

If you wanted more inspiration for Children’s books look no further than The Books Trust top 100 best books!

Top 100 Books List

Whatever you decide to read, we hope you enjoy World Book Day and manage to set aside some quality time to dip into a favorite, a new book or even a digital one.

Find out more via

Visit World Book Day website

Facebook Page

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Unlimited Tennis 2022

22nd February 2022
Unlimited Tennis 2022

You don’t have to join a club to start playing tennis, we can help!

Our unlimited tennis offer is running from April 1 until September 4th 2022 it’s just a one-off price of £60

This year, you can book your slot using our bookings plus system once your membership has been activated.

Each membership even allows you to bring along three friends or family members to come and play.

(The owner of the membership will need to be in attendance whenever using the courts.)

Contact Us to find out more and set up your membership ahead of the Wimbledon fever this summer!

We can already taste the strawberries and cream....

Who are you be cheering on this summer?

Activate your membership NOW!!!

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