Meet The Hirers - Marcel from Northants Titans Flag Football

1st June 2023
Meet The Hirers - Marcel from Northants Titans Flag Football

Northants Titans American Flag Football Team pride themselves on being inclusive for young people with disabilities, mental health, issues and more. They train at The Wooldale Centre for Learning, part of The Caroline Chisholm School on weekends.

If you haven't heard of it, flag football is an American football adaptation without any contact. Without shoulder pads and helmets, it's a faster, more thrilling 5-on-5 NFL game, which means fewer delays and accidents.

They’re slogan is “We Rise Together” which speaks volumes about their ethos as a club.

We recently spoke with head coach Marcel to learn more about him and what motivates him to get out of bed each morning.

So, how did Marcel end up teaching Flag Football?

Growing up, Marcel was lucky enough to be given the chance to get involved in a sport from a young age. He credits flag football with building his confidence, and encourage him to be “motivated, keep stability and routine in his young adult life”

Without revealing his age (!!) Marcel’s childhood was very much an analogue one – remember when we weren’t tracked on phones and apps? one, where you had to be back home for dinner when the streetlights came on?! *Goes misty eyed*... well, that freedom meant that Marcel got the chance to indulge in his passion on the pitch.

NFL Flag Football had already captured his attention – but he had never played before. (don’t forget this was before we had online communities etc)

Marcel credits flag football for setting him up for life. (And he doesn't say this lightly by any means...)

Developing a love for the NFL Before he even knew what the future held for him, Marcel was given the opportunity to play with a local team in London. Had it not been for them – The London Capitals in Finsbury Park - life could’ve been very different.

Marcel describes himself as being a fan first, which then turned into a player before developing even further then becoming a coach. Marcel has always been fuelled by his passion for the sport on and off the pitch and continued to play flag football well into his 20s.

Marcel found himself hooked, managing to get himself to training and with the support of his club, eventually moving onto better and bigger things. That hunger for the sport has since rewarded him a hugely successful club leading the way in Flag Football in Northampton (and beyond)

Marcel is so dedicated to the club and the players, that he’s even got the whole family involved in flag football regularly updating the Titans social media, with highlights posted each weekend of the “Golden Ball” player of the match, behind the scenes photos and championing young people who show up each week – much in the same way his club looked out for him way back when.

So why choose NFL Flag Football?

Unlike other kitted sports the costs are minimal, which makes it accessible to those who maybe can’t afford to buy lots of expensive or specialist branded kit.

Being accessible to all is a key ethos in what they do – coaches and players alike. They know it’s a big commitment for parents/carers taking time to travel back-and-forth to matches too. And if they win? It’s a bonus and as a result, they often exceed expectations and are now flying… the trophy haul is growing!

Flag football is all about a friendly and positive environment with high hopes that one day that it becomes an Olympic sport! (We love these big goals!)

Find out more about what the club gets up to on Facebook -

Twitter - @flag_titans

Instagram -@northantstitansyouth (their most active social media account)

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