Our Facilities

The Dance Studios

We have three Main Facilities that are ideal for your Dance/Performance Bookings, whether you're booking for rehearsals, regular classes or a full Dance/Theatre Show!

All come with a wooden sprung floor, great for high-movement activity and designed to be hard-wearing.

In addition (with prior arrangement) we can supply you with High Quality Surround Sound Systems, so you can put your talent out there for the world to hear!

Every performer needs a Stage - we can provide a portable one as well, fit for excellent performances in the Primary Hall. It's your time to shine!

If you need a space with a Mirrored Wall then look no further than our Gym.

See our hall dimensions below.

Primary Hall (10x15m)

Drama Studio (11x12m)

Gym (17x14m)

The School has 100 Car Park Spaces, plus an additional 50 in the Overflow Car Park.
For large bookings, we're located just off the M1 (Junction 15) with the nearest alternative transport link from Northampton Train Station (15 min drive away).

If all this sounds enticing, please don't hesitate to give us a call or email for a booking!


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