Living Life in Lockdown

1st October 2020
Living Life in Lockdown

Welcome to another CCS Blog entry - 2020 went off to a good start for the community, but we're definitely not alone in experiencing a tumultuous past few weeks and we empathise with everybody who has been facing a tough time recently. Schools in the UK have closed and with that means that our hirers amongst others across the country have had to quickly adjust with short notice. Rest assured, we at the team are keeping safe, actively working from home and taking all the precautions we can to look after ourselves but also ensure safety for the schools and hirers. We fully plan on resuming lettings at a future date and we intend to hit the ground running, back and better than before.

As expected, we've received private messages and comments from some concerned hirers. Unfortunately, the recent events will have damaging effects on businesses, but we feel this is a good opportunity for us to provide some advice and tips on how to best mitigate these effects and how to produce meaningful online content for your clients.

One method has worked particularly well with one of our hirers, this in fact gives us a good chance to tie this into a nice success story. As some may know, Marie Tur is one of our hirers at Caroline Chisholm School, one of her classes were held weekly on Thursdays before we received word that lettings must be canceled. Marie has therefore moved her classes to an online model, where attendees can watch and workout in the comfort of their homes. We think this is absolutely brilliant and we highly recommend any other hirers to do so too if possible. This is a great way of keeping up both business and a strong relation with your clients!

We'd also like to highlight some more hirers too. Rory at Guitar Ninja has been posting videos, mini-lessons and cool guitar tricks for the past few months even before the lettings closures! This is an excellent way to keep in contact with clients and in Rory's case, to help his students retain information and learn new skills in the downtime between classes. Consistent content like this greatly eases the disruption caused and is a great idea for all manners of class-based bookings and activities. In a similar vein, we greatly enjoy the content MK Springers has been pushing out. MK Springers have been posting daily fitness challenges and encouraging viewers to join in and post their attempts. Nothing short of perfect for user engagement and regardless of the current circumstances this is a fantastic way to boost your online presence and promote engagement with your followers.

We have some of these tips and success stories help you in some way. We understand not every solution is applicable to every individual, but we hope the key takeaways of emphasising online interactivity and engagement help you ease the transition in these chaotic times. And if nothing else - this presents a great to make use of the extra free time. There's never been a better time to work on the aesthetics of your home, build on your own individual exercise plan, or learn and perfect an entirely new skill. This can even be tied into your online content, people love to see how others are dealing with situations such as these and who knows - you may even inspire somebody else! Either way, we greatly recommend you to take advantage of this period to not only catch some rest but to also focus on self-improvement and introspection.

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