Krav Maga at Caroline Chisholm School

23rd November 2021
Krav Maga at Caroline Chisholm School

The rise of Krav Maga influences in Hollywood and big movies such as 'Skyfall' have also helped to fuel the desire to learn more about this practice.

With more of us online, sharing video content (Hello Tiktok) there is also the danger of misinformation about self defence and martial arts in general.

There is no substitute for learning Krav Maga with a qualified instructor – especially one with real world experience, like KMDA.

Its something the guys and girls at KMDA are really proud of. They test and re-test their techniques rather than just theory based learning, something that they are deeply passionate about.

Krav Maga teaches you how to avoid, prevent, deter, or deal with all types of violent confrontations.

But don’t let the thought of violence put you off – these guys are really friendly, supportive and only happy to help you navigate the importance learning self-defence using bodyweight, strikes and grappling.

There are some great videos for their classes on the Facebook page if you wanted to have a peep at a session.

Testimonials on their website speak for themselves – with feedback such as …

"James is a fantastic Instructor, very patient, and allows students to progress at our own pace. I would recommend James’ Krav Maga classes to everyone, of all ages. if you want to learn effective self-defence techniques and keep fit, this is the way to do it."


2022 and Beyond

KDMA are so good at what they do that the demand for their demand for “Fight Camp” experiences are through the roof.

With such a strong following, commitment and friendly group the Summer Fight Camp for 2022 is set to be a unique chance to absorb all of the training, experience and knowledge from the instructors (and each other).

Set in the beautiful Lake District, it’s the perfect break from life distractions (especially as we are all spending more time online post pandemic).

Watch the trailer and find out more

To find out more, see what it’s all about or chat to one of the team, get in touch via

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