Come and Rock Out With Other Guitar Ninjas!

7th October 2021
Come and Rock Out With Other Guitar Ninjas!

During lock-down many of us jumped online with screen time increasing as we sought distraction from the real world – none more so than young people. (The struggle to reduce their screen time is real)

With social media, TV Talent shows and YouTube influencing the next generation of musicians, it’s no wonder that the pull of being the next viral sensation has helped to increase the popularity of wanting to become famous.

Even more so when viral sensations include the likes of 10 year old student Colier Rule who got to play on stage with Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl giving him one of his guitars!

Whilst we can’t promise that they’ll be the next viral hit online, we can however champion the power of learning a musical instrument – especially something as universal as the guitar.

Guitar Ninja founder Rory has toured in rock bands around the UK and has a huge passion for playing music, writing and improvising.

One of the unique things about The Guitar Ninja is how Rory has implemented a unique colour based grading system using guitar straps.

Based on the Japanese grading systems of coloured belts, students can work towards graded colour guitar straps – from grey (no previous experience) up to the Black strap. It’s a perfect way to see progress, helping students to develop their confidence as they progress through the straps.

Students also work towards stage performances – something that ALL students take part in (even if they are beginners) as part of their group.

The stage performance is the perfect chance for your Guitar Ninja to step up and perform in front of a real life audience, experiencing the buzz from performing live and being part of a band.

Rory teaches young people from ages 8 – 13 years old at a new Guitar Club at The Caroline Chisholm School (part of The Wooldale Centre For Learning) every Wednesday.

It’s the perfect place to learn, share, jam and rock out as part of a small group.

All you need is a guitar and a plectrum to get started! Lets go!

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