A New School Year!

3rd September 2019
A New School Year!

Another school year has begun – this year sure is going by fast! We hope all is well for you so far, and we hope you find something special for you in our new and improved weekly timetable.

This school academic year we have revamped our What’s On timetable with new activities and returning activities. Some of the details may have changed, if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Below we’ll talk a bit about what we have going on each day – not every single booking is covered below so please check the What’s On page for full details.

On Monday’s we welcome back Helen O’Grady’s Drama Academy – this is an excellent place for kids to grow and mature, gaining self-esteem and communication skills in an activity they can really bond over! Many of our other activities are returning, including Yoga with Sam for when you need a spiritual pick-me-up. Just a quick reminder too that Sam is here on both Mondays and Thursdays, so you can keep up the routine all week!

Tuesday is like a special Badminton day at Caroline Chisholm School! It’s a truly wonderful sport to play at our school but of course, our facilities are also ideal for even more types of indoor sports and activities at your request. We also now have Kam’s Tae Kwon-Do kids classes. Great for both fitness and confidence for your young ones!

Wednesdays have several fitness-orientated activities running; these include MK Springers kids gymnastics classes, the Circus School’s Wednesday sessions, as well as Mindful Pilates classes. There’s something here for all skill levels and ages – use the contact details on their individual pages if you’re interested. Similarly to Kam’s kids Tae Kwon-Do classes, we also have Krav Maga Defence classes for adults with James. Some very valuable life skills to be gained from his sessions that could both protect you and your loved ones!

Thursdays are an exciting time to be at Caroline Chisholm School. Clubbercise with Marie will make a party out of your workout, and give you a night to remember for sure! Similar to this, we also have BhangraBlaze exercise classes, the perfect blend of dancing and fitness routines. Sam is of course back again on Thursdays with Yoga, but we also have Ann Howgego’s Pilates Northampton classes too. Full details are available on her website, which we provide a link to on the What’s On page. The MFA Dragons youth football club is also here to train 5-12 year olds in football and bring out their potential!

On Friday we have both adults karate classes and junior karate classes with Tiska Karate! Learn self-discipline, awareness, and confidence, all while keeping healthy and fit. To cap off Friday we also have Mereway Badminton Club for adults – a fantastic community to be a part of!

Finally we get to the weekend with Saturday and Sunday. On Saturdays we have Tiska Karate adult sessions as well as MFA Dragons. In addition to this, we have the Guitar Ninja delivering exciting guitar lessons for kids – rock on!

We’re very excited to start this school year and we hope you enjoy it with us!

Best Regards,

The BookingsGuru Team

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